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10-6 thru 10-8 - 2011 FCST: CNTRL/STHRN PLAINS

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110-6 thru 10-8 - 2011 FCST: CNTRL/STHRN PLAINS Empty 10-6 thru 10-8 - 2011 FCST: CNTRL/STHRN PLAINS on Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:10 am


Looks like several days of low end severe potentials, I think we are going to avoid seeing an "outbreak" however a tornado or two, and at the very least heavy rainfall could be expected across these areas from Thursday into the Weekend... Not really dug too deep into it but there are so decent looking hodographs out there for a couple of the days which would lead me to believe there will be some tornado threat...

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